Our Story

Rising Grinds Café began in 2014 as a coffee training center for young adults as part of the Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation.  There we served a simple food and coffee menu to students and staff of GRCCT, focusing mainly on customer service skills and identifying our niche in the neighborhood.

The plan was to open our new location to the public in spring of 2017. We were delayed due to a devastating fire that burned our renovated building to the ground, leaving behind ashes, a lot of confusion, and pain.

Recovery for Rising Grinds included strengthening our rock star team in our pilot location at GRCCT, solidifying our model of social enterprise, and honing in on quality coffee. We continued to develop relationships in the community and remained focused on the vision for the café.

Late in the summer of 2017 we were given the opportunity to transition to our new space on the corner of Madison and Hall. Immediately we jumped aboard! With the help of our friends and neighbors, we successfully renovated the space in a mere # weeks, for a mid-November launch.


Rising Grinds Café has been and will continue to be a space representing resilience, growth, and community. We could not be more excited or grateful to welcome you to our table.